• Who can play in the League?
    Any Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, and individuals possessing a valid student or work visa who pays the registration fee and agrees to the

    rules & regulations of the League.  Call-Up Players are also subject to the aforementioned criteria. There are no age restrictions.
  • How can I start a team to compete in the league?
    •   Get a team manager or become one yourself

    •   Invite 6 - 10 players to join your team (minimum of 4 male and 2 female)

    •   Create a team name

    •   Register your team at the League's website and pay your entry fee

    •   Schedule your roster and ensure your team attends all ties (teams are guaranteed a minimum of 8 ties – top ranking teams make it to the Finals)

    •   Ensure that the tie results are submitted online within 48 hours of completing a tie  

    •   Celebrate your team ties
  • Can I register as an individual?
    Yes. You can register without a team and be put on a waiting list while you search for other players to form a team, or a team that is need of additional players.
  • Do I need to have all my team members to register my team?
    6 Team Members (2 females & 4 males) are required to register your team.  You will be able to add additional team members until the day

    before the first tie of the season.
  • My team manager and members all registered before early bird deadline, do I need to register before early bird deadline to get early bird rate?
    To receive the early bird entry fee rate, all team members will have to register by the early bird entry deadline.  Any team member registering

    thereafter will be required to pay the full entry fee.
  • How much is the entry fee for the 2016/17 season?
    •   First Division

          •   $175 - Early bird deadline

          •   $200 - Final Entry deadline

    •   Second, Third & Forth Divisions

          •   $145 - Early bird deadline

          •   $165 - Final Entry deadline

  • What is included in the entry fee?
    •   Each team is guaranteed 8 ties throughout the in-season

    •   Based on in-season results, advancing teams to the Provincial Finals compete for a chance to win provincial medals, cash prize, MVP awards

        and bragging rights!

    •   1 IBL member T-shirt

    •   Tournament grade shuttles (1 dozen per tie)
  • Can I get a refund for my entry fee if I withdraw from the League?
    100% refund if official withdrawn notice is given before Final Entry Deadline

    50% refund if official withdrawn notice is received before first tie of the season

    No refund if official withdrawn notice is received after first tie of the season
  • Where do the in-season ties take place?
    Teams will play home ties at their team’s Home Court and Away ties at their opponent’s Home Court.  Each team’s Home Court is determined

    at the time of registration and can be badminton exclusive facilities, school gyms or recreation and community centres that have badminton

    courts.  Locations for in-season Away ties are generally within the region your team plays in (ie. York, Peel, Waterloo, Toronto, etc).
  • What happens if my team does not have a home court available to host in-season ties?
    Players do not have to be members of a specific club to create a team. Players of various clubs can combine with each other to form their own

    team and select a Home Court.  If your team is unable to secure a home court, IBL will place your team in a IBL Hub within or close to your

    respective region.
  • How do I know which Division to compete in?
    There are four levels of competition currently available.  Please refer to Player Ratings chart on our website.

    •   1st Division - player ratings 5.5 – 7 (Elite Players)

    •   2nd Division - player ratings 4 – 5 (Competitive players)

    •   3rd Division - player ratings 3 – 4 (Intermediate players)

    •   4th Division – player ratings 3.5 or lower (Intermediate to Recreational players)

    ** The rating system is a guideline and not a rule or regulation. IBL trusts that team managers will do their best to enter their teams in the

    best suited divisions based on their player’s skill levels. **
  • How do I know which teams we will be playing against?
    Regions for each division will be formed based on the Home Court geographic location of team entry.  Regions are determined by their municipal

    geographic locations (e.g. Region of York, Peel, Waterloo and Toronto).  Teams will be published on the IBL website and social media once

    all entries are received.
  • What is the method of competition for each in-season tie?
    Each in-season tie shall be decided by the results of:

    •   2 Men's Singles

    •   1 Women's Singles

    •   2 Men's Doubles

    •   1 Women's Doubles

    •   2 Mixed Doubles
  • How many matches can a player play in one tie?
    Female players are permitted to play in 3 events

    Male players are permitted to play in no more than 2 events
  • Can a player play in the same event twice?
    No player can play in the same event twice within a tie.
  • How many ties must a player compete in to qualify for the finals?
    A player must compete in 60% of their respective team's ties to qualify for the finals. Therefore if a team has 8 ties, each player must compete

    in at least 5 of the ties for the season.
  • What are call up players?
    Call up players are substitute players that fill in for a team member if a team member cannot make it to a tie due to injury, illness or

    conflicting schedules.
  • Who can be a call-up player?
    Any individual not competing on a team within the same division. Players competing in higher divisions are not permitted to compete as a call

    up player in a lower division.
  • Can call-up players qualify for the finals?
    No. Call up players are limited to play in a maximum of 40% of ties.
  • Is there are fee for call-up players?
    There is a $20 fee for each call-up player for each tie. Call up fees can be paid to IBL officials or via the IBL website store. Please note

    teams that do not pay their call up fees will not have their tie results updated and be withheld from competing in the finals (if they are qualified).
  • Is there a penalty for using call-up players?
    Yes. If a call-up player wins the matches she or he competes in, only half a point (.5) will be awarded instead of the usual one point (1) for the respective match.

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