Ignite Badminton League making a racquet across Ontario

Press Release: March 13, 2016

In a busy and relatively populated area of Markham, on an otherwise quiet Sunday night, members of the Premier Badminton League (PBL) gathered together inside a well-known badminton club. At the same time, unfolding in various venues right across the Greater Toronto Area and Waterloo Region, other members of PBL rallied and warmed up on ample courts across the city. Badminton athletes with varying degrees of skill are consistently offered opportunities like this to compete against other dexterous athletes, while simultaneously having fun, improving their game, and enjoying a sport that they have come to feel incredibly passionate about.

With up to 265 players participating in matches within PBL, there are numerous opportunities for athletes to gather together across the province multiple times per month.

Premier Badminton League is currently halfway through its 2016 season, which is expected to wrap up with Division Championships, set for this May 27th-28th at Humber College. The season got underway this past fall, and will continue for another couple of months. The 2016 schedule is easily accessible, as are last weekend’s results. This year’s players range in age and ability, and are ultimately competing for the grand cash prize, as well as PBL trophies and medals.

League founder and former elite badminton player, Charles Pyne, moved to Canada 12 years ago after living and competing in Denmark. Upon arriving in Canada, Charles set out to form a league that would fundamentally unite all provinces and clubs from coast to coast. Recognizing the fact that there are a multitude of badminton players keen on playing the sport at differing levels, Pyne set his sights on creating an inclusive league that players could call their own.

One of PBL’s primary focuses is on uniting clubs and players who reside within Ontario, as well as outside of the province, under an umbrella of friendly-yet-ambitious competition. Charles quickly discovered that former National level players – as well as youth who have already invested many years in high performance training – didn’t have the platform required to continue to compete in their sport at a more advanced recreational level. Toronto’s Mat Marr was one of those athletes.

“We come together every two weeks or so. A lot of us just really loved the University badminton environment, and we competed against each other while we were at different Universities, so we use this as an opportunity to come back to the sport and fit in some decent competition.”

Commercializing and promoting the sport of badminton in Canada, according to Pyne, will make it more wholly accessible to everyone with a desire to play. As the Founder and CEO of Premier Badminton League, Charles Pyne has looked to provide an equitable and just system, while also giving hundreds of athletes, within a vast array of age groups and abilities, a platform on which to compete.

And if the crowd of athletes eagerly participating in matches and ties last Sunday night is any sort of indication as to just how quickly the sport is gaining traction here in Canada, Pyne is about to see his newly formed league outdo itself.


For more information, please contact: Sarah Miller, Sport Development Canada, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail saraheamiller@sympatico.ca

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