Press Release: March 31, 2016

PBL rebrands as Ignite Badminton League, and ushers in new era of growth and success

MISSISSAUGA—March 30, 2016—Premier Badminton League announced today that it is changing its name to Ignite Badminton League (IBL). The change is effective immediately.

The decision to rebrand and rename the organization came as a result of potential conflict and confusion with another league that is currently using the name Premier Badminton League in India (PBL-India).

Ignite Badminton League founder and CEO, Charles Pyne, explained the reason behind the company’s recent decision to rebrand.

“We have been operating as Premier Badminton Inc. since 2014 in Canada, and we were founded on the principals of being a ‘Premier Badminton League’. PBL-India is currently focusing its operations in India, but the similarity in names has already caused some confusion because we operate within the same sports market. At the new Ignite Badminton League, we are not only launching a new brand identity, but we will also be showcasing the launch of our new website over the next few months, which is something that will provide added benefits to our members, partners and sponsors.”

Ignite Badminton League will continue to focus on increasing its brand awareness and building the popularity of the sport of badminton through local players, clubs, districts and associations right across Canada. Eventually, the league plans to branch into the U.S. As the newly rebranded Ignite Badminton League looks ahead to its upcoming seasons, the organization is also aiming to implement a sports entertainment division, which is not unlike media strategies that are actualized by other sports organizations.

The league’s objective continues to focus on its members in friendly competition, while also encouraging unity within the badminton community, and vitalizing recognition for badminton as a world class sport. IBL will continue to encompass the many facets that make up both their community and their shared passion for the sport of badminton.

As the company prepares to embark on a journey with the goal of elevating the sport of badminton right across North America, Pyne reiterates how grateful the organization is, saying again that IBL would like to extend its gratitude to all members and sponsors for their continued support.

With the Championship Finals at Humber College happening on May 27th and 28th, and this year’s Awards Banquet scheduled for June, further success for this newly rebranded company appears to be immanent.


For more information, please contact: Sarah Miller, Sport Development Canada, cell (905) 749-0361 or e-mail

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