Badminton League Shuttles into Waterloo Region with Tremendous Success

Press Release: May 08, 2016

Once a month, at the KW Badminton Club, three of Ignite Badminton league’s teams meet for a series of matches. Sunday, May 1st, 2016 was the last of those such games for IBL players in Ontario’s Waterloo region, at least for the season.

With a total of three teams and 22 athletes taking part in monthly matches over the course of the season, there was never a lack of action on the KW courts.

Kristina Hall is the Team Manager for You Got Served; she knows what it means to be passionate about badminton. Hall, who is a Brantford resident, started playing the game at the end of elementary school. For Kristina, Sundays embody an easy and enjoyable drive into the Kitchener Waterloo area. She enjoys meeting up with her team for regular monthly Sunday night matches, but Hall also knows that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for IBL to expand into the Brantford and surrounding area.

“That would be great! I think there’s potential there for sure. And there’s certainly a lot of people playing the sport. Badminton isn’t as intense here (in our region) as it is in the GTA, but if the league does continue to expand and grow – especially with its third and fourth divisions – then there really is potential in that regard.”

Hall believes that IBL fills a void for athletes who are looking to remain competitive after they wrap up university or college.

“For our team, specifically, Ignite Badminton League is filling the gap between the time when university or college competitive play ends and when, say, you are a Masters level athlete. This league has been great for so many of us, because when we made the commitment to join at the beginning of the season, we knew we would have upcoming competitions, we’d already paid, we knew we would have to play . . . so we had to train.”

Kristina Hall is not the only one who has found herself surrounded by inspiration this season. Tumblrs’ team manager Jeffrey Teng is of the same opinion. Teng, who was raised in Toronto, always played sports like baseball and basketball as a kid. While studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, he picked up a badminton racquet and started to consider the sport a lot more earnestly.

“I do like competing in tournaments. While I was still in school, it was really just recreational, but after I graduated (from university) I started taking it more seriously. IBL gives the sport another dynamic to just playing with the usual people that you’d play with. There’s a real team spirit here. There are many events, and a lot of people together, and you have to strategize, and try to figure out how to win enough games so that you can carry on.”

Teng sums up his first season with the league concisely with three simple words.

“Competitive. Spirit. Friendship.”

And for a league that is only in its freshman year, that is uncomplicated admiration at its very best.

This season’s final ties are scheduled for Sunday, May 15th. The final qualification list will be published shortly thereafter. All of last weekend’s results have been updated and posted here for your convenience.


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